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Success stories

We’ve supported countless numbers of people around the country in figuring out if self-employment is right for them and helping give them the confidence and skills to get started. Everyone has a unique story but often, they’ve gone through similar challenges on their journey.

Knowing that you’re not alone and that other people have succeeded in getting started can be a big relief so we encourage you to check out some of our success stories below. As you can see, we’ve had people from all different backgrounds go on to create a really diverse mix of new businesses. It just goes to show that with the right support and determination, you can do it!

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Pip, Cornwall

“Outset Online was perfect support for starting my business, allowing me to work at my own pace and at times that suited me and my family.”

Alex, Swindon

“I’d often thought about it before, but if it wasn’t for Outset I probably wouldn’t have started up. Outset gave me the push to say, I can do this!”

Ali, Swindon

“All the information provided by Outset has been so helpful. I am much more confident with the idea of being my own boss than I was before.”

Elaine & Michael, Plymouth

“Outset gave us a step by step approach and taught us the importance of presenting our shop as attractively and professionally as possible. It’s amazing that all this business support is free and we’d recommend anyone thinking of starting a business to get in touch with Outset.”

Jadwiga & Lucas, Bournemouth

“Outset’s advice and assistance was priceless in formulating our business plan, from refining our idea to actually setting up trading. We also got access to finance and received a loan that helped us to purchase a van, logo design and the branding we needed for our business.”

Thomas & Karly, Cornwall

“Initially we came to Outset for funding support but what we got was so much more! Thanks to Outset, we’ve been able to look at our business more realistically, create a good business plan and reach the right people. We wouldn’t have made it to where we are now without Outset.”

Emma, Huntingdonshire

“I found it hard to get a job I enjoyed while juggling childcare and family life. I’d always wanted to be my own boss so I thought it was time to give it a go! Without Outset, I would have had to do the research myself and I may not have got around to this as quickly, if it all.”

Martin, Bristol

“Outset Finance gave me the financial backing I needed to help me turn my business ideas into a reality. They gave me guidance on how to put my business plan together and practical support in planning how to take the ideas forward, and I am now having regular mentoring.”

Virginia, Torbay

“Working by myself can get lonely at times, but it’s great to know that the team at Outset is on hand when I come across a challenge. If the businesses keeps progressing at this rate, it won’t be long until I will be taking on employees to meet growing demand.”